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March 26, 2011
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Descent Into Darkness

As consciousness started to slip back into the young Nick, the only thing he could perceive was darkness. He felt as if he'd been sleeping for a good hour and a half. He began to open his eyes slowly, regaining strength back into his body again. For a moment, everything seemed to be blurry. He blinked twice so that he could see better, and after a few seconds, his full vision came back.

All he could see was his right arm in front of him; no doubt that's where it landed when he fell, but everything beyond was plain darkness. He moved his arm slowly, and managed to use it to help himself get up. Once he was about two centimetres from the ground, he shook his head, and soon enough he got his strength back throughout his whole body. The teen lifted himself onto one knee, taking a look at his surroundings. Mostly everything was dark, he couldn't see what lied far ahead, but he could make out things that were only about 10 to 15 meters in front of him.

One of those things he could see was the Gummi Ship, crash landed onto solid ground. The floor he was stepping on felt like icy snow. After looking at the ship, which was somehow still intact after the impact, Nick came to a stunning realization. Stitch had disappeared.

"Stitch?" Nick called, hoping that his friend could still be around "Stitch! STITCH!"

His calls echoed across the darkness, no response anywhere.


Nick looked around, trying to see if there was anyone there. The only thing he found, however, was a broken road, leading deeper into the darkness. He didn't know where it would lead him, to Stitch, to Aqua, or just in the opposite direction. At first, he didn't seem too fond of mindlessly walking into the dark abyss, but it was the only way to go.

"Man, I better not regret this later on..."

Far from his friend, Stitch heard the calm sound of waves on a beach. He had his eyes closed still. For a minute, he thought he was back on Kuaii; probably just fell asleep on the beach. However, the headache beckoned him to wake up. He shook his head, figuring out that he was facing the floor. He heard someone approaching.

"Hey, are you okay, little guy?"

Stitch was startled when he heard a nearby voice. He quickly launched himself back to his feet, but tumbled back down, obviously he hadn't regained all of his strength and consciousness.

"It's okay! I'm not gonna hurt you!"

Stitch lay on the ground for a while, still not able to see who it was that was actually speaking. He heard footsteps coming closer to him, which frightened him.  His eyes hadn't accustomed to the dark, so he was afraid as to who was with him.

"How are- Hey, wait a minute...I've met you before, right?"

Stitch continued to look around, clueless as to who was talking. After a few seconds, however, his eyes grew used to the darkness. Once he did, he perceived a face, and soon enough, an entire person. His face turned to that of confusion for a second, feeling as if he had seen this person before somewhere. Then, his face turned to that of sheer surprise when it finally hit him.

"...Ah-koo, wah?"

It had been quite a while since Nick left the crash landed Gummi Ship. He continued to walk down the crooked pathway, now starting to extend to a long platform that plunged deeper into the Realm of Darkness. He figured he shouldn't fall off, or who knows where he might end up. Along the way, Nick called out his friend's name every now and then to see if he could get any response. He still didn't receive an answer.

As he continued trekking along the long platform, he gazed at his environments and saw that there were other platforms above and near him. These pathways seemed to go upside down, twisted into different forms, diagonally, vertically, and led to many other places. It all looked very –

"Inception-y" Nick remarked to himself, looking around. He seemed to be on the largest platform there, which could state that he was going the right way.

Suddenly, Nick was surprised to see four, dark, small figures that had appeared from the ground. They had yellow eyes, black antennae, and seemed to twitch a lot. Nick knew exactly what they were.

"Heartless." Nick stated, summoning his Defender Keyblade "Wazzup, guys? Long time no see!"

They responded by lunging towards the teen, now attracted to his Keyblade. Nick smiled as he swatted them away with his weapon. The Heartless disappeared on impact, being destroyed by the power of the Keyblade. Once they were gone, however, more of them appeared.

"Man, I think I just woke them all up..."

Nick ran forward and did away with more Heartless, dodging all of their mindless lunges and attacks. This brought back memories of him, Sora, Donald, and Goofy back in the day.  After a few more Heartless, Nick just began to show off. He put away his Keyblade, and took out the knife-like weapons that Tails had given him. Nick started defeating them with both these weapons, pulling off crazy stunts, such as sliding and taking them down at once, defeating them without looking, throwing the knives. There was no doubt that he was rather enjoying this exercise, until they all turned and disappeared into the darkness.

"Aw, come on!" Nick yelled "I'm just getting started!"

"Well, isn't THIS a big surprise!" A voice was heard from behind Nick.

Nick turned; finding familiarity with whomever was speaking. It was his own voice, only much crazier. At first, he saw a pair of yellow eyes, staring right back at him. There were dark wisps surrounding these eyes, and they formed together to take some form of dark, malevolent shape. He was a dark reflection of Nick, all black from head to toe, excluding his creepy eyes. He was giving a wicked grin, gazing upon Nick.

"Oh, man. This just gets better and better!" Nick remarked, raising his weapons, spinning them stylishly.

"I've been waiting for this opportunity a long time." Nick's heartless revealed "And I'm gonna enjoy the hell out of it!"

"Yeah...Well, that's just, like....YOUR opinion, man!" Nick replied (and quoted), prepping for a battle.

With that, the Heartless clenched his fists, and from both his wrists, extended two, broad blades, attached to his arm. Nick figured he could crack a joke on how his Heartless was a Wolverine rip-off, but he thought it best not to, at the moment. Nick pressed the button on the knives, where they extended as Tails demonstrated earlier. Both doubles stared each other down for a few seconds, preparing themselves. Afterwards, they jumped to each other, both blades locking.

The Heartless pushed Nick back, allowing him to strike first. He slashed downwards, which Nick successfully dodged, stepping backwards. The Heartless then tried to attack upwards, but Nick rejected that option by blocking him as soon as he moved his arms. He countered by striking the Heartless' head with the butt of his right knife, elbow to the same place, then finishing with a roundhouse kick to the right side of his face.

Nick's Heartless was disoriented for a moment, which gave Nick the chance for another attack. He jumped forward, bringing down his weapons. The Heartless saw his attack in time, and shielded himself with his blades. Nick continued to swing the knives at his Heartless, who blocked all of the attacks. The dark being then found an opportunity to get away from Nick. He kicked him hard in the diaphragm, causing Nick to step back. The teen shook his off the pain, and leaped to attack yet again.

Without hesitating, the Heartless quickly charged a form of dark power and blasted it onto the ground. Suddenly, while Nick was in mid-air, he hurdled higher into the air, as if someone had randomly grabbed him and flung him up high. Somehow, the gravity in the realm shifted, causing Nick to fall upwards. Nick flipped around in the air, discombobulated by this effect. He could see at times another platform below him.

With both skill and luck, he landed stylishly on one knee. He turned his head up to see his Heartless above him. He rapidly swung up, and started a series of slashes and attacks to him. The Heartless dodged them all successfully, counterattacking by slashing at Nick's arm. The teen gave a small yell of pain as the dark blade made a cut on his left arm. Nick's Heartless kicked him back yet again, grinning wildly. He raised both his arms, the blades were about to come down with extreme force.

Reacting quickly, Nick raised his own weapons to block the attack. Both of the blades locked above their heads, the enemies staring at each other. A good amount of blood was dripping down from Nick's arm, struggling to keep his enemy's blades away from him. Acting fast, he snatched both of the Heartless' arms, and twisted them around.

He gave two strikes with his right elbow, a hard right cross, and finishing with a powerful Sparta-Kick to the gut. Nick's Heartless took many steps back, trying to regain his stamina from that combo. He looked up to see Nick approaching him again. He used the powers of darkness yet again to shift the gravity back to normal, sending them both upwards again. Nick was once again taken by surprise and flipped around in the air, losing grip of the knives.

He landed on his face hard, groaning. His vision came upon his blades, which had landed far away from him. He peered over his shoulder to see that his Heartless was about to come down on him with his retractable blades. Nick got up, turning around, and summoned his Defender Keyblade yet again. Timing it correctly, he slashed downwards at the oncoming enemy.

Surprisingly enough, the Heartless evaporated, an evil cackle echoing through the darkness. Nick was left by himself in the dark yet again, looking around to make sure that his Heartless was really gone. A few moments afterwards, he let his guard down. He gave a light "Ow." As he saw the cut on his arm, still bleeding. Nick walked to his two blades still on the ground. He picked them up and put them back in their holsters. Now he was beginning to worry for Stitch. He needed to find him and Aqua and get out fast. If the likes of his Heartless was down here, then what else could there be?
I'm really on a roll with these chapters, man!

So yeah, here it is! Nick is stuck inside the realm of darkness now, along with Stitch, who meets up with someone familiar. Speaking of familiarity, Nick bumps into an old enemy as well.

Hope you like it! ^^
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IceChihuahua Mar 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Dude, this is epic! ^_^ Keep the butt-kickin awesome stories comin'! :meow:
justsomenut626 Mar 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
You ain't seen nothing yet! I'm only half way done! And yes, I'll keep them coming, thank you for the lovely comment!
IceChihuahua Mar 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem! :D And I can't wait! :aww:
justsomenut626 Mar 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I might be done the next chapter tonight, with luck!
IceChihuahua Mar 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
sweetness! :D
justsomenut626 Mar 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Never mind, can't make it tonight.
IceChihuahua Mar 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, ok~! Well I can't wait to see it when you're done! :meow:
justsomenut626 Mar 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome then!
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